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Newfoundland Handyman

Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring / Summer Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Windows and Doors
Repair cracked windows
Putty, caulk or add weather-stripping as needed
Clean and lubricate window channels for smoother sliding
Clean and install screen windows and doors

Check for and seal cracks and leaks in walls and floor
Clean vents and ensure proper operation
Test, clean and lubricate sump pump
Discard accumulated junk

Smoke Detector
Test and replace batteries

Porch, Patio and Deck
Clean and seal deck
Check wood for signs of rotting, replace boards where necessary
Take out outdoor furniture
Repair cracks in concrete patios

Exterior Walls
Check for missing or loose siding
Caulk joints and minor cracks
Look for deteriorated finishes to preserve wood
Touch-up painting or paint entirely
Repair brick & mortar damage

Exterior Plumbing
Turn on sprinkler system and other lines
Connect all hoses to outside spigots
Repair damaged soffit panels

Clean gutters
Install gutter guards
Check vent openings for nests and other blockage
Make sure vents and/or attic fans work properly
Look for signs of roof or flashing leaks on rafters and insulation

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