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Prayer for Travel

Lord, Jesus, You traveled with the two disciples to Emmaus after the resurrection and set their hearts on fire with Your grace.  Travel also with me and gladden my heart with Your presence.  I know, Lord, that I am a pilgrim on this earth, seeking the citizenships which is in heaven.  During my journey surround me with Your holy angels and keep me safe from seen and unseen dangers.  Grant that I may carry out my plans and fulfill my expectations according to Your will.  Help me to see the beauty of creation and to comprehend the wonder of Your truth in all things.  For You are

the way, the truth and the life, and to You I give thanks, praise and glory forever.  Amen.


For Those about to Journey by Land


Let us pray to the Lord.  O Lord Jesus Christ our God, the true and living way, who didst journey with they foster father Joseph and thine all-immaculate Virgin Mother into Egypt, and didst accompany Luke and Cleopas to Emmaus:  We humbly pray thee, O all-holy Master, by the grace to accompany now this thy servant (name).  And send unto him/her as unto they servant Tobias, a Guardian Angel, guiding, preserving, and delivering and delivering him/her from every evil assault of enemies, both visible and invisible; and directing him/her unto the fulfillment of thy commandments; and preserving him/her in peace, happiness and health; and bringing him/her back again in safety and tranquility.  And grant that he/she may fulfill all his/her good intentions unto the good pleasure, favorably and to thy glory.  For thine it is to show mercy, and to save us, and unto thee we ascribe glory; together with thy Father who is from everlasting, and thine all-holy, and good and life-giving Spirit;  now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen. 


May the Lord bless thee out of Zion; and so shalt thou behold the good things of Jerusalem all the days of thy life:  and may He direct thy journey in peace, unto the glory of his holy Name.  Amen.

Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy upon us and save us.  Amen.  


For Those About to Journey by Water or by Air


Let us pray to the Lord.  O Master, Lord Jesus Christ our God, who didst walk upon the waters as upon dry land, and didst deign to have thy holy Disciples and Apostles as they fellow-voyagers in the ship; and didst rebuke the stormy wind, and command the waves of the sea to be still:  Be pleased now also, we humbly pray thee O Savior, to sail with this thy servant in his ship, allaying every unfavorable wind and tempest:  And raise up special and timely winds for a successful voyage, being thyself ever unto him a pilot, and a saving; an untempestous and tranquil haven unto him and his ship.  And as thou didst save Peter from drowning, so also in sovereign wise, deliver thou this thy servant from all assaults of enemies, both visible and invisible, and from calamity and distress, and fear by thy Right Hand omnipotent:  And graciously vouchsafe that he may return to his home in peace, health and happiness; having accomplished his purpose and enterprise.  Do Thou richly bestow thine inexhaustible grace upon his deeds, and preserve the ship whole and unharmed.  For thou art the Savior, and the Deliverer, and the rich Giver of all good things, both spiritual and temporal, and unto thee we ascribe glory:  to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.


Before Any Task


Lord Jesus Christ, my God, You have said, "Apart from me You can do nothing."  In faith I embrace Your words, Lord, and I entreat your goodness.  Help me to carry out the work I am about to begin, and bring it to completion.  To You I give glory, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


After Any Task


Thank You, Lord, for Your strength and guidance in my work.  You are the fulfillment of all good things.  Fill also my soul with joy and gladness, that I may praise You always.  Amen.  


Prayer for a Single Person


Jesus my Lord, who became man and graced us with the beauty of Your life and with the example of faith, purity and love; help me, I pray, to love You with all my mind, heart and soul, and to live according to Your teachings.  Strengthen me when temptations strike, that I may remain pure in thought and steadfast in virtue, doing such things as are pleasing to You.  Grant me faith, courage and love, that I may serve You in holiness all the days of my life, through the prayers of the Theotokos and of all the Saints.  Amen.


Prayer of Married Persons


Lord Jesus Christ, by Your presence You blessed the wedding in Cana and showed us that You are the true priest of mystical and pure marriage.  We thank You for the day on which by Your heavenly benediction You joined us in the sacrament of marriage.  Lord, continue to bless and enrich our marriage in love, companionship, mutual support, oneness of heart and progress in faith and life.  Protect our holy wedlock from sin, evil and danger.  Foster between us the spirit of understanding, the spirit of forgiveness and the spirit of peace, that no resentment, quarrel of other problem cause us to stumble and fall.  Grant us to see our own faults and not to judge each other.  Keep our bond of love always new.  Gladden our lives with the joys of marriage, that with one heart we may praise and glorify You.  Amen.


Prayer for Your Parents


Lord and Savior, You have taught us to honor our father and mothers, and to show love and obedience toward them.  From the depth of my heart I fervently pray to You, sweet Jesus, my God;  Hear my prayer.  Bless my parents who have raised me up with the help of Your grace.  Protect them from evil, harm and sickness.  Grant them faith, health and joy.  Bless all their works that they may five You honor and glory all the days of their lives.  Amen.


Business Person's Prayer


Master and Lord, You have promised an abundance of fruits to those who follow You faithfully.  Bless me in my endeavors and help me to achieve success by Your grace.  Lord, I commit my business to You, both to will and to work according to Your good pleasure, for my benefit and the benefit of others.  Fill my heart with Your grace that I may act with faith, honesty and courage in all my dealings.  Guide me that I may abound in every good work to Your praise and glory.  Amen.  


The Blessing of Any Object


Let us pray to the Lord.  O Creator and Author of mankind, Giver of spiritual graces and Bestower of eternal salvation:  Do Thou, the same Lord, send down thy Holy Spirit, with a blessing from on high, upon this (name of object); that fortified by the might of heavenly protection, it may be potent unto bodily salvation and succor and aid, unto all who shall desire to make use of it, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  


Prayer at the Founding of a House


Let us pray to the Lord.  O God Almighty, who hast made the heavens with wisdom, and hast established the earth upon its firm foundations, the Creator and Author of mankind:  Look upon thy servant, (name) to whom it hath seemed good to set up a house for his dwelling in the dominion of thy power, and to rear it by building.  Establish thou the same upon a firm rock and found it according to thy divine word in the Gospel, so that neither wind nor flood nor any other thing shall be able to harm it.  For thou art God, mighty in mercy, and deliver all those who shall wish to dwell therein from every attack of the enemy.  Amen.


Prayer for Those About to Take Up Residence in a New House


Let us pray to the Lord.  O God our Savior, who didst deign to enter under the roof of Zaccheus, unto the salvation of the same and of all who were in the house:  Do thou, the same, Lord, keep safe also from all harm those who have now desired to dwell here, and who together with us, unworthy though we be, so offer unto thee prayers and supplications; blessing this their dwelling and preserving their life free from all evil.  For unto thee are due all glory, honor and worship; together with thy Father who is from everlasting and thine all holy, and good, and life-giving Spirit:  now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

For Peace

Almighty God, kindly, we pray, in every heart the true love of peace, and guide with your wisdom those who take counsel for the nations of the earth, that in tranquillity your dominion may increase until the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Prayer for the Helpless Unborn

Heavenly Father, you create men in your own image and you desire that not even the least among us should perish.  In your love for us, you entrusted your only Son the the holy Virgin Mary. Now, in your love, protect against the wickedness of evil, those little ones to whom you have given the gift of life, Amen.

Prayer For a Loved One Who Is Far Away

Dear Lord, My loved one (name) is away from me. I miss him (her) very much.  I ache with loneliness and yearn for us to be together once again.  Watch over my loved one wherever he is at this moment. Keep him safe from all harm.  Help him to feel my heart going out to him in love.  Put Your everlasting arms around him and keep him close to You.  Bring him safely back to me, O Lord, and thank You for letting us have one another. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance

Dear Lord, this world is so big and its problems so complicated that I know I cannot make my way without Your guidance.  You know so much better than I about everything that I humbly put myself under your loving care.  And I promise if You will point the way, I will follow.  Quicken my mind, alert my perception, deepen my understanding.  Help me to hear Your voice, to heed Your advice and keep me walking along the path behind You.  Help me at all times to be so sensitive to Your mind that I will know Your guidance when it isgiven to me. Then help me to follow it. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer When Worried

Dear Lord, Im worried and full of fear. Anxiety and apprehension fill my mind. I have tried to reassure myself that there is nothing to worry about.  But such reassurances do not seem to help. I know that I should just rest myself confidently upon Your loving care and guidance. But I have been too nervous even to do that. Touch me, Dear Lord, with Your peace and help my unsettled mind to know that You are God and that I need fear no evil. In Christs name, I offer this prayer. Amen.

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