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Hello God... from Newfoundland

Then We Will Have Peace

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When the roar of war is heard no more
When soldiers march not on a foreign shore
When innocent blood and tears cease to pour
Only then will we have peace,
long awaited peace
When the greed of man is laid aside
When love for neighbours out weighs his pride
When lust of the flesh is finally denied
Only then will we have peace, wonderful peace
When man accepts our Lords sacrifice
And believes His blood has paid the price
When we practice the love of Jesus Christ
Only then will we have peace, glorious peace
Peace to this world will finally come
Not brought by jet, by missile or gun
But by the return of God's only son
Then, we will have peace, everlasting peace.

(c) Everett Adams

Written and Submitted by Everett Adams
Newfoundland, Canada

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